Why Wood?

Metal bats first came out as a "cheaper" alternative to wood bats; they would not break. Overthe years, modern advancement in metal bat technology has increased the “sweet spot".
Today, players using metal bats can hit the ball farther, record more hits and maintain an overall better batting average.
However, this increased efficiency has led to more injuries from batted balls. The ball comes off the bat faster and players have less time to react to the ball. In order to prevent injuries, many leagues are requiring a switch from metal bat to wood bat.

Let's face it, wood bats sound more realistic! Fans tend to favor watching games played with wood bats.

Wood bats are cheaper and can be personalized easier.

Wood bats are most always LEGAL and can be used in any league. Leagues have many rules against using metal bats.

If you are serious about becoming a professional baseball player, you need to start playing with a wood bat.