Types of Wood

Types of Wooden Bats

Tuck Bats specializes in making custom baseball bats out of birch.  The yellow birch tree that grows in the northern climates.  It is of the same species as maple and has the same grain pattern.  We like working with birch as it provides the density of maple and can be as light as ash.  This provides us the ability to create the best custom bat for the baseball enthusiast.   


This is the most popular bat over the years. Tuck Bats uses only Northern White Ash harvested from northern New England and upstate New York. The reason is that trees which grow in northern climates will go dormant during parts of the year and hence produce a tighter grain and denser bat. This results in hitting the ball harder and longer, and it will not break the bat as easily. At Tuck Bats we look for Ash that has a straight grain and is of professional quality.


Maple has been growing in popularity over the past several years. Tuck Bats uses only Rock or Sugar Maple harvested from northern New England and upstate New York. Maple tends to cost a bit more but is denser then ash and tends to outlast ash bats over time. When choosing a maple bat, remember to look for a bat made from Rock or Sugar Maple. Also keep in mind that a maple bat is usually heavier than an ash bat.


Growing popularity is the bat made out of birch. Tuck Bats uses Yellow Birch that is harvested in northern climates. Birch is a hard wood that is lighter then maple and again, denser than ash. It is a great alternative to someone looking for a bat that is in between an ash bat and a maple bat. These bats will cost a little more than an ash bat.


This bat is very new to baseball. Tuck Bats uses a laminate made out of bamboo. Bamboo is known for its weight to strength ratio. Bamboo's tinsel strength is like that of steel without the weight. Another great aspect of bamboo is there is no grain and therefore you can hit the ball from any side of the bat, unlike traditional wood bats that recommend you hit the ball against the grain (i.e., label up). Note: Because this bat is made from a laminate, it may not be legal for some wood bat leagues. Please check with your league before purchasing a bamboo bat.